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Botany workshop & seminar, Naxos, Cyclads, Greece : a magical Greek spring…
10 Abr 2011 - 17 Abr 2011
learning the Mediterranean & Aegean flora, and dancing at night !

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Botany workshop & seminar, Naxos, Cyclads, Greece : a magical Greek spring…

Botany workshop & seminar, Naxos, Cyclads, Greece : a magical Greek spring…
walking, wandering, hiking… picking and learning… the Mediterranean & Aegean flora
... and Greek traditional dancing at nights !
from April 10th to 17th, 2 011 * 6 days, 7 nights

During the unique greek spring, when the whole island is green and flowering, our cultural Nisiotis association is proposing a botany workshop in Naxos, the largest and most central island, within the wonderful Cyclads.

This is the presentation of the seminar, online :


After this \\\\\\\"botany\\\\\\\" seminar, we will also have a \\\\\\\"greek cooking\\\\\\\" seminar, if you are interested :


Naxos is a very rich, fertile island. Its Zas (Zeus) mount is 1,000 meters high : this is where Zeus has been living, in a grotto, before going to the Olymp as the supreme God.
Naxos, beloved and blessed by the gods, has an extraordinary flora.
Naxos therefore has a significant tradition with botany, plants and herbs.
Many herbalists, pharmacists and chemists in Greece (and abroad) order their herbs from Naxos.
Also, Mr “Korres”, the brilliant inventor of the well-know organic cosmetics, being sold in more than 5,600 chemists’ shops in Greece, is from a tiny, beautiful village, in Naxos.

One week before the Greek Easter, we warmly suggest this new and unique seminar, to learn and discover the extraordinary flora of the Aegean Sea : those enchanting herbs that give to the Greek air this ungorgettable scents & aromas, during your yearly summer holidays…

We will have 2 sessions per day, in the hills : morning, and afternoon ; we’ll walk & learn with two local, well-known herbalists, Andonis & Stephanos. They live all year long in the island, and they know every single path in the island.

We’ll learn the herbs : culture, history, use in pharmacy & medicine; we’ll also learn how to use them daily, after the seminar, back to our homes.

You’ll come back from the seminar with the eyes, the heart, the soul and the spirit full of happiness, full of those wonderful colours & scents !

We will also discover Naxos : its history, its culture, its tradition, its wonderful places : being villages, old churches, old farms and mills, etc.
Beyond : we’ll meet with the Naxian people, and you’ll be delighted to see how warm, welcoming and hospitable they are !!

Every night, we’ll enjoy home-made, organic cooking within a family’s tavern; after dinner, we’ll enjoy local music, and we’ll learn local greek traditional dances, with a teacher from Naxos.

A unique, festive experience ! Naxos is also the island of Dionysos : the island of wine, trance, love…

This program is being prepared with the help & support of our friends in Naxos.

This non-profit seminar is from Sunday, mid-day, to Sunday, mid-day. The cost per person is 650 €. It includes : room, 3 meals per day, botany lessons, dance lessons.
The trip to Naxos is organized by each participant, at his/own best convenience.
We all meet there, in the center of the island.
The number of seats available is limited, so please do not be late to register !

Informations, booking : Philippos @ 00 33 6 03 78 28 77



We look forward to welcoming you !

Presentation of the seminar

philippos dellatolas

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