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IV International folklore competiton “INTERFOLK in RUSSIA”
12 Nov 2011 - 15 Nov 2011
State Academic Capella

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IV International folklore competiton “INTERFOLK in RUSSIA”

Dear friends and colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate in the IV International folklore competition “INTERFOLK in Russia” to be held in St.Petersburg on November 12 - 15, 2011.

А – folklore vocal, authentic folklore (choruses and folklore ensembles)
B – classic vocal and modern adaptation of folklore music, (choirs and ensembles)
С – folklore vocal (soloists)
D – choreographic ensembles (folklore dances)
Е – folklore dances (soloist, pair)
F – instrumental bands and orchestras (folklore music)
G – instrumental music (soloist with folk tunes)

The contest shall consist of 2 rounds:

To participate in the first round artists will present two pieces based on popular (folklore) material of any country, the whole performance during no more than 10 minutes.
Only the Gold Winners will pass in the second round.
By results of the second round the best group receive the Grand Prix.
The prize fund is 1500 euro.

Elena Bizina

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